39 Cool Indoor and Outdoor Vertical Garden Ideas

The idea of vertical gardens is to combine modern and old-fashioned indoor and outdoor garden designs. It is also a perfect solution for almost any garden structure to create vertical gardening rooms. This ensures the use of small spaces.

Although they need to be watered regularly, they contribute to good air circulation. In fact, it seems that the only decorations are carefully planned and balanced water, nutrition, power systems, pumping and friendly lighting systems. Look at the idea of these cool vertical gardens indoors and outdoors, which will add more style and natural appearance to your home.

DIY Outdoor Vertical Garden Using Pvc Pipe

3 DIY Outdoor Vertical Garden Using Pvc Pipe

Close the ends of the PVC pipes so that there is no outlet for soil and water. Use a string or a rod to hang them vertically from the roof. Get the tutorial via apartmenttherapy.