52 Fun and Budget Friendly Melted Crayon Art Ideas

Crayons are not just for kids anymore. Using some sort of heat source, such as a hair dryer, a hot plate, an iron or an oven, parents could turn the broken or unused crayons to a colorful artwork with different styles. Of course you can get your children to help along the way. Here are lots of melted crayon art ideas. These finished artwork can make great gifts or party favors. If you’re looking for an easy, fun and budget friendly art project for parents and kids, you can’t go wrong with melted crayon art.

Melted Crayon Art Dancer Silhouette

40 Melted Crayon Art Dancer Silhouette
Use crayons and hair drier to melt the crayons and make them splatter to make the skirt! Use one crayon at a time and hold them over the canvas. source.