16 Bewitching Long Brown Hairstyles And Haircuts

Long brown hair is among the most popular color solutions for women nowadays. No wonder, many celebrities experiment with a wide brown hair color palette. They try new hairstyles to present their brown locks in the best light. So, if you are in search of new hair ideas for brown hair in terms of color and styling, get inspired by the looks of the most breathtaking brunettes in the world!

Hairstyles and Haircuts for Long Brown Hair

#1: Deep Dark Brown Hair

Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima dyes her slightly wavy hair in a dark brown hue to accentuate her tanned skin and bright blue eyes. This color makes her hair look thicker and adds it extra brilliance. Remember to use special care products for dyed hair to maintain the freshness and saturation of your hair color.

1 adriana lima's very dark brown hair
Anton Oparin /Shutterstock.com