20 Adorable Toddler Girl Hairstyles

Toddler girl hairstyles come in a wide range of styles: from simple to super sophisticated, from tomboy-ish to princess-like.

This gallery features 20 pictures of our favorite girly styles. It includes intricate braids, pigtails, and half updos, but also ultra-easy headband and ponytail styles.

#11: Triple Twist with Braided Pigtails and Bows

Braiding is the most popular hairstyling technique for toddlers with longer hair, and adding some twists into the mix only makes things better. For this look, part the hair into three sections: a horizontal one across the head, and two at the back, with a center parting. Pull the top section into a ponytail, then divide it into three parts. Twist each of these smaller sections, secure them, and then start working on braids. Feel free to experiment with as many strands as you like, for an intricate-looking macramé braid or go for a common French braid. Once you finish braiding, feed the twists into the pigtail braid on the opposite side.
two braids and three twists for little girls