20 Best Men’s Messy Hairstyle – WOMEN’S PICK!

We, as women, love a nice hair cut on a man. There are thousands of styles to choose from. However, this article will be focusing on 20 messy hairstyles that look phenomenal on men. 20 women were surveyed and gave their opinion on why they love their selected hairstyle. Guys, pay attention! This is coming straight from the mouths of the babes. Names have been changed.

#3: Men’s Messy Hairstyle With Feathered Ombre

Lillian, a party hardy socialite, feels that this hairstyle is the cream of the crop. Having described it as an “ombre escapade”, she feels that the gradient affect of the dye job, truly brings out the man’s eye color. She says, “I think that all men should try an ombre escapade! As far as the picture goes, the snowy tips really bring out his ice blue eyes.”

3 mens messy hairstyle with feathered ombre
Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com