20 Casual Updos That Never Look Plain Or Boring

Doing simple buns or ordinary ponies every day as a casual updo is boring. Do you want to spice up your everyday hairstyles? Well, this article is for you! Here are 20 cute updos that are awesome for school, a party or just for play.

#11: Braided Under Tuck Casual Updo

The braided under tuck is a unique hairstyle that still maintains an earthy elegance for the average lady of any age. Start with straight hair. Create a sort of half up, half down style, making a small pony at the back of your head, with the rest of your hair hanging loose underneath. The pony creates the base for the tuck. Make individual braids from all the hair. Some of them may be looser and others tighter. Now begin to bring the braids up and tuck them behind the base, hiding the ends.

11 braided under tuck casual updo

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