20 Chic Chignon Buns That Bring the Class into Formal and Casual Looks

The perfect updo is often a process of trial and error, which largely depends on personal preference, hair type, maintenance and the overall look you hope to achieve. However, there are a few updo hairstyles that stand the test of time and generally flatter most hair types and face shapes. One such style is the classic chignon. The chignon bun is more intricate and sophisticated than a regular bun, making it the best updo pick for formal or special occasions.

Classy Chignon Buns

One of the best things about chignon bun hairstyles is that there is a wide variety of ways to create the look with much individuality. If you’re looking to spice up the way you style your current updo, perhaps the following photos of flawless chignons will provide some welcomed inspiration. Get ready to swoon over these chignon styles that are on a whole other level of classy!

#3: Lightly Teased Chignon

Adding some height at the crown of a low chignon bun is a great way to convey a dose of drama to the look. Here the hair is lightly teased at the roots and there are a few tendrils escaping the sides to enhance the natural-looking messy feel of the updo. The final touch is a very delicate hair piece placed inside for decoration.
chignon with a bouffant