20 Creative Mohawks for Black Men

Seeing a creative black Mohawk on the street today most people do a double take. Years ago, Mohawks were worn on the helmets of warriors or soldiers and were used to mimic raised bird feathers usually seen as a defense mechanism against predators. Fast forward to today, and now, Mohawks are adopted as a hairstyle for everyone. So, let’s take a look at some very interesting and artistic Mohawks!

#2: Spartan Feathers

There are no limits when you’re searching inspiration for black people Mohawk hairstyles. Height, width, and side detail are all interchangeable. This hawk, featuring small spiky twists, a solid dividing line, and short faded sides resembles a Spartan helmet. The soldiers wore plumage or dyed horsetail manes on their helmets to be identified as representatives of the group.

2 black spiked mohawk for men