20 Cute and Comfy Taming-the-Frizz Hairstyles

We’ve got the secret on how to tame frizzy hair! Don’t believe us? Simply check out these 20 amazing styles. Then, make a date with your hairstylist, best friend, or yourself, and try something new today! These styles are easier and more good-feeling than you can imagine!

Friendly Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair

Braids, ponies, updos and half up hairstyles can help a lot with the bad-hair-day problem. Choose those ‘dos you feel most comfortable with from our review and don’t forget to use a bit of a styling product for the improved texture and hold of your anti-frizz hairstyles.

#20: Ultra-Messy Platinum Braids and Bun

This unique style is reserved for the bold! Unless, of course, you’re feeling spunky enough to try something extra wild! The platinum hue works well with a chaotic style like this because it creates a definite contrast. Hints of washed out pinks dapple the surface, making this one of our top three favorite hairstyles for frizzy hair!
messy braided updo