20 Elegant Hairstyles for Any Formal Occasion

No matter how spontaneous and disheveled you prefer to look in day-to-day life, it’s impossible to avoid occasions when you need to be elegant. Elegant updos and downdos are required for different types of formal events and in office settings. Even if these are rare opportunities in your life, we bet you won’t mind looking elegant once in a while simply for a change. Some of us think that elegant styles can add you years or mistakenly associate them with something strict or restricting like a white shirt and a business jacket. These are just misconceptions. Viewing the following gallery, you are going to see how versatile and inspiring elegant ‘dos can be. So, why not to give them a try?

Where are The Frontiers of Elegance in Hairstyles?

Why we consider one hairstyle elegant, while another is referred to as casual? There are certain signs which help to recognize an elegant ‘do. Both pulled up and hair down hairstyles can be elegant. Therefore, in case you give your preference only to one type or another, you can create a concept of your own super-flattering elegant hairstyle.

Elegant updos. Updos are a more common type of elegant ‘dos. They are a great match for floor-length décolleté gowns or dresses with interesting back cuts. Pulled up styles allow to show off stylish accessories, like eye-catching earrings and chic necklaces which otherwise could be lost under your mane. Elegant updos are neat and accurate: every lock is settled carefully even if it’s an intricate fancy design.
Elegant downdos. If you do not feel like pulling your hair up, you can easily do with a free-flowing style that looks pretty elegant. Such hairstyles are commonly wavy with hair swept back, off the face or to one side. The waves are smooth, shiny, polished and sprayed to hold together.
Elegant half up half down styles. These often feature a bouffant and free flowing curl. Bangs are also possible but they are supposed to be neat and preferably styled to a side. Under the influence of current tendencies, contemporary elegant hairstyles may acquire a very light messy touch. How does it look? See below…

#1: Messy, Tucked Chignon

Give the classic chignon hairstyle a modern messy twist and make it extra voluminous. Spritz your hair with texturizing spray before twisting it into a bun. Tuck the ends at the nape of the neck and tug at the bun until you have the fullness and volume you desire.

1 messy chignon updo for long thick hair