20 Fabulous Asian Hairstyles You Can Easily Pull Off

The star-studded entertainment business is a world of glitter and glam. We are quite sure that whenever you watch these stars shine, you may be quite stunned by their mind-blowing glamorous looks. Do you often spot gorgeous Asian hairstyles celebrities rock? The red carpet is always full of the hottest Asian ladies who confidently flaunt their dazzling clothing pieces and snazzy hair fashion. From short to long locks, straight to curly or dark to light-colored, these extravagant hairstyles are certainly worth a try. We’ve picked 20 fabulous hairstyles from these beautiful Asian beauties – you can definitely pull off their looks!

#19: Slicked Back Style for Long Straight Hair

This hairstyle requires lots of hair mousse and setting spray because you would want your locks to hold the lift at the roots and stay voluminous throughout the day. Gwendoline Yeo made an elegant statement with this sleek hairstyle and her plain white gown. Achieving this won’t take a very long time, as you will only need to comb your hair back, create volume at the roots by gentle teasing, and then fix the result with lots of hairspray.

19 slicked back asian hairstyle for long straight hair
Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com