20 Flowing Waterfall Braid Styles

The Beauty and Practicality of Waterfall Braids is super cute, and it can look a bit or even a lot different from style to style. But that’s not all. Waterfall braids are very handy for long or thick hair that you love to wear loose, but need to pin to prevent it from falling into your face.

Choose the braid pattern you like the most and test a few half updos from the gallery below to find your most appealing half up half down waterfall look.

#8: Purple Reign

waterfall braid with a braided flower

One of the great things about a waterfall braid is that it doesn’t look out of place with edgy styles like this medium length punchy purple cut. A delicate flower detail also pairs well with the moody midnight violet color. It’s a style that can work for women of different age groups, those who have a fun spirit.