20 Flowing Waterfall Braid Styles

The Beauty and Practicality of Waterfall Braids is super cute, and it can look a bit or even a lot different from style to style. But that’s not all. Waterfall braids are very handy for long or thick hair that you love to wear loose, but need to pin to prevent it from falling into your face.

Choose the braid pattern you like the most and test a few half updos from the gallery below to find your most appealing half up half down waterfall look.

#9: Natural Waves

twisted rope waterfall braid

If you woke up late for a presentation or an important interview, a waterfall style would make it look like you put in a lot of effort into your hairstyle even when you really didn’t. Plus, it’s the perfect complement to air-dried natural waves. Cut down on the time it takes to complete by doing a twist instead of a braid.