20 Formal Updos For The Most Exciting Days In Your Life

Formal occasions are so much fun – from prom and wedding to work holiday parties. Whatever the reason for getting fancy, you’ll want hair that’s as flattering and exquisite as your dress and accessories. If you’re feeling a lack of inspiration, check out the list below for some great ideas that are simple enough for novices.

#14: Dutch Braid and Double Bun Formal Updo

Dutch braiding hair is fun – it’s basically just an inside out French braid. For this hairstyle, Dutch braid your hair slightly to a side and towards the nape. Twist the ends of the braid into a bun. Make a loop out of the ends and tuck its ends inside the bun. After all is pinned up, fluff the buns and spray with a quality setting spray.

14 dutch braid and double bun formal updo
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