20 Great Ponytails with Bangs Inspiration Ideas

Some days, the sweetest look you could possibly sport is a nice and casual ponytail with bangs. It’s not too complicated, doesn’t take much time to style once you get the hang of it, and, most importantly, it gives you a great style without looking like you tried too hard.

#20: Braided Headband and Twisted Side Pony

This loose and messy style works particularly well for blonde hair but the color is not mandatory. Section out a strand above one ear and braid a thin fishbraid. Sweep all hair and the braid to the opposite side. Divide the unbraided locks into two sections and braid a few inches of a fishtail braid, blending in the headband braid. Fix with a clear elastic and wrap with a strand from the pony. Bangs with ponytail of this type should be light and wispy.
20 braided headband and twisted side pony
We hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration in our list of cute ponytails with bangs. The advantage of this style is that it can make you look all cute and relaxed, but you can also glam it up for a truly romantic and classy feel when the occasion asks for it. Let your coming weeks consist only of good hair days!