20 Long Hairstyles With Bangs For Your Statement Looks

Some women are not able to grow long locks no matter how hard they try. If your hair grows long, you should, certainly, be proud of your treasure and take advantage of all the styling opportunities it offers to you. With long mane they are unlimited. The full range of updos and downdos from the simplest to the fanciest ones are at your disposal. To pair your lengthy locks with bangs or not is a matter of your preference. Commonly, bangs make you look younger. They can bring out your eyes, render your appearance a mysterious look or correct your face shape if needed. Here are 20 gorgeous looks with long hair and bangs you can draw inspiration from.

What Kind Of Bangs To Pair Long Hairstyles With?

Blunt cut horizontal bangs conceal a high forehead and make an oblong face appear visually shorter. Therefore, such bangs are not recommended for broad faces. If your face is round or square it will look much better and more like an oval with side bangs.

Styling Suggestions For Long Hair With Bangs

Loose free-flowing styles. It’s an amazing feeling when a light breeze is gently caressing your tresses, occasionally throwing a few locks on a side of your face or sweeps all of them to one shoulder. This season you can rock anything from scrunch-and-go looks to beach waves.
Half up half down styles. At those times when your hair is getting too annoying, falling on your face, the easiest way to tame it is to braid the top tresses, leaving the back hanging freely. Below there are some creative on-trend suggestions.
Updos. Here we think of all kinds of buns and knots, first of all. These days they are not perfect, messy and rather loose than tight.
Downdos. A side fishtail or a low pony would be a couple of worthy suggestions for this category. Further there are more diverse ideas.

Long Hairstyles With Bangs

 #1: Horizontal Waterfall Braid

To diversify your long hairstyles for straight hair try a loose waterfall braid running horizontally at the back of your head. It’s also going to keep your long tresses from falling on the face.

1 braided hairstyle