20 Long Hairstyles With Bangs For Your Statement Looks

Some women are not able to grow long locks no matter how hard they try. If your hair grows long, you should, certainly, be proud of your treasure and take advantage of all the styling opportunities it offers to you. With long mane they are unlimited. The full range of updos and downdos from the simplest to the fanciest ones are at your disposal. To pair your lengthy locks with bangs or not is a matter of your preference. Commonly, bangs make you look younger. They can bring out your eyes, render your appearance a mysterious look or correct your face shape if needed. Here are 20 gorgeous looks with long hair and bangs you can draw inspiration from.

#5: Bulky Bun From A Fishtail

Here is a nice and easy summer hairstyle on the basis of the currently popular fishtail braid. Wrap it into a messy bun at the nape. Looks awesome, especially on long hair with ombre.

5 fishtail bun