20 Luscious Pink Ombre Hairstyles

Got medium to long hair? Looking for a style that’s both super feminine and ultra-contemporary? What can you do, after you’ve tried out different types of curls, chignons, and braids? You can dye your hair, of course! And since you’re young, fun, and bold, you’re going to want a look that says all that. Nothing does it better than a pink ombre. Here is a selection of the best ombre variations in the girliest color you can think of!

#10: Alice in Gradient Land: Brown to Pink Ombre

Few things are cuter than an ombre look with bangs. In fact, most DYI tutorials recommend that you skip dying that part of your hair. However, if you do go an extra-mile, like this model with a long blunt fringe did, it’ll be worth it. The dyed bangs in this pink ombre look act like the main attraction that also greatly enhances the overall effect.

10 alice in gradient land brown to pink ombre