20 Sassy and Sexy Black Pixie Cuts

Black Pixie Cuts – Pleasure to Wear, Breeze to Care

Whether you wear your hair curly or relaxed, there’s a cute pixie for you to flatter your face shape and features.

Once you can a quality short cut, it won’t take too many of your precious minutes to bring it to perfection on a regular basis. Draw inspiration from the suggestions below!

#17: Layered Edgy Pixie Haircuts for Black Women

This style is heavily layered and then colored to show off each section as an individual statement. Use vibrant hues of purple and teal, or choose any hues you love. Don’t forget to wear some bold makeup with this style, as you don’t want your face to look “washed out” next to your vibrant strands.
funky choppy pixie for black women