20 Spiky Hairstyles for Men in Modern Interpretation

Spiky hairstyles for men are so nineties—except that they are totally not. While the spiky hair movement did reach the high point of its popularity during the time when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on TV and everyone wore their baggy pants too low, it never faded away like all the other fads. In fact, it only got better with time!

#14: Faux-Hawk-Inspired Spiky Hairstyle for Men

Gather, friends, and behold the legendary fauxhawk! Since the very beginning of mohawks, there have been men who haven’t been interested in going through the full motions of shaving the sides of their heads. Thus, the fauxhawk was born. In the simplest definition, it’s when you spike the top of your hair into what looks like a Mohawk. With this style, you can look as cool as Juan Pablo Galavis.
14 faux hawk inspired spiky hairstyle for men
Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com