20 Spiky Hairstyles for Men in Modern Interpretation

Spiky hairstyles for men are so nineties—except that they are totally not. While the spiky hair movement did reach the high point of its popularity during the time when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on TV and everyone wore their baggy pants too low, it never faded away like all the other fads. In fact, it only got better with time!

#20: Crazy Spiky Hairstyle for Men

Last but certainly not least, Blake Berris rocks a voluminous take on the spiky look. Again, this is one meant for the dudes with slightly lengthy hair. If you’re in your twenties and scouting for jobs, embrace this style for your interviews. It screams, “I’m young and knowledgeable in my field, but mature enough to know how to style my hair!”
20 crazy spiky hairstyle for men
Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com
What do you think, fellas? Any of the spiky hairstyles catch your eye? Try out something new, you’ll be glad you did.