20 Stunning Looks with Pixie Haircut for Round Face

Pixie is one of the most popular short hairstyles for women. Its name reminds people of forest elves, fairies and elves. The cute and lively pixie haircut is achieved through a special technology, which suggests that you cut short hair at temples and back of neck, and grow long hair on top of your head.

If your face is round, your pixie must have a volume on it, visually stretching your face to make it closer to the ideal oval shape. Designers suggest that the crown should be combed back to achieve the desired effect. Pixie is a very good choice for thin hair. Whether you choose to cover or expose your ears, you tend to be asymmetrical, which miraculously "preserves" round face.

#9: Purple Streaked Pixie

For a cute look that will turn heads, opt for a messy, short pixie with a flattering color woven through. While it’s tempting to pick your favorite color, you’re better off consulting your closet. In front of a mirror, hold up different pieces of material to your face to see what makes your eyes and smile stand out.

9 brown and purple pixie