20 Super Sweet Baby Girl Hairstyles

Are you a mom of a sweet little thing, aged 0 to 24 months? Then you don’t need us telling you it’s not easy to come up with baby girl hairstyles on a daily basis. You want something that’s both new and fun to try out, as well as quick and easy to put together. Here we are, coming to your aid, with 20 lovable pictures of exciting young styles. They’re perfect for spurring your styling creativity and, we hope, for bringing out the best in your young princess!

#7: Pretty Flat Twists with Braided Band

Cornrows have a long standing as one of the more sophisticated baby girl hairstyles, and that’s because they require a bit of work. You can substitute them with flat twists that are a bit easier to complete. Separate a big section of the hair at the top of the head. Divide it into your desired number of braids. Create the left-most French braid, but stop at the point where you want the braided band to begin. Complete the other cornrows/flat twists. The band is braided from a chunk of hair above the ear. Once you’ve finished it fix it across your cornrows/flat twists. Leave the rest of the hair loose.
7 pretty flat twists with braided band