20 Sweet Fall Hairstyles for Medium and Long Hair

Fall is here and that is exciting news for women with medium and long hair: now we have the chance to do all these beautiful fall hairstyles and look particularly romantic. This article will show you the very best hairstyles for this fall. We’ve selected the most beautiful pictures that inspiration hairstyle enthusiasts have uploaded online. The diversity and nostalgic look of most of these hairstyles are so impressive that they’ll be well worth the time needed to style your hair in a new way. Not that they’re very complicated; some of them are actually quite fast and easy to do.

#8: Braided Crown Undercut

If you’re sporting a brave undercut style, then consider one of the options for braids that this fall brings. This braided crown on the top of your head will look daring and cute, as well as it’s a good match for almost any style of clothes, from very elegant outfits to the ones more on the hip-hop side.

8 braided crown undercut