20 Technicolor Looks that Take Rainbow Hair to the Next Level

The rainbow hair trend isn’t going anywhere. It’s constantly changing and adapting – mainly because it’s endlessly adaptable. No matter what the length, color, or texture of your hair is, there’s a way for you to rock different hair colors in one look. It doesn’t even matter which hues you like best, there are styles and palettes that will complement your eye color, your skin tone, your wardrobe – you name it!

Funky Rainbow Hair Styles

So what will it be? Will you DIY some mermaid hair or head to the salon for an old-school ROY G BIV hairstyle? Here are 20 fun ideas to fuel your imagination!

#11: Colorful Undercut

Undercuts are hot no matter how you slice them, but the colorful touch on this one is especially hot. If you already have pale highlights or streaks, none of this is very difficult. Though you’ll need every color of the rainbow, you won’t need much dye.
short rainbow hair