20 Trendy Half Braided Hairstyles

Cute And Effortless Half Braided Hairstyles

A half updo with braids is a beautiful way to begin your morning. You can easily style it yourself. Experiment with different kinds of braids and enjoy the ease and cuteness of your free-flowing locks.

#6: Four Strand Lacy Headband Braid

Let’s talk about the four-strand braid. It may seem intimidating at first, but it’s not much different from any other braid you know and love. Here’s how to do it. Divide a section into four strands. Tuck the strand furthest away under the strand next to it then cross it over the next one and tuck it under the one closest to you. Then do the same thing backwards. Simple, right?
half up braided hairstyle with lacy braid


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