20 Ways to Rock a Bowl Cut

The Modern Bowl Cut Versions

While there are obvious benefits (can you say ‘low-maintenance’?), it’s also totally liberating to reveal your face to the world. With one simple hairstyle, you can make the statement that has nothing to hide and everything to gain.

So here’s some inspiration for your next short do.

#20: Follow the Curve

As far as bowl cuts go, here is one of the sweetest versions. It’s simple and understated, but it has been expertly cut with care and detail. Leaving length on top allows for more room to play and stylize.
Textured Bowl Cut With Undercut


If you thought one bowl cut is the same as any other, these pictures have proved otherwise. With a fresh cut bowl you can achieve versatility, edginess, and even elegance. What’s even more is the confidence a woman can gain from going short and sticking to it.