21 Pastel Hair Color Ideas for 2022

All the celebs have been rocking pastel hair of late and it’s encouraged many of us to give the try a shot for ourselves.

If you’ve been thinking of trying out these new and unique pastel hair color ideas for yourself but aren’t sure where to start, how to go about it, and what colors to even pick in the first place, we’ve got all the info you need to know.

15. Dusty, Pastel Teal Hair

It could be blue, it could be green, it could even be the color you get when you mix the ends of all your hair dye pots together. Sometimes it pays to play around with color combos to achieve a unique shade for you. We’ve seen lots of blues around but this teal blue is something else entirely.
Dusty Pastel Teal Hair Color

15 Dusty Pastel Teal Hair Color

Instagram / stevievincenthairartistry

This beautiful blue will fade to a lovely dusky, powdery blue, before going a slightly silver shade. If it’s an easy fade-out you want, this isn’t a bad one to go for but just remember to keep the roots darker to stop it looking like you urgently need to make a hair appointment.

There are lots of coloured shampoos on the market these days which can help you to top up a color in between appointments too. It is well worth investing in one if you want to save a little money.