30 Fairy-Like Blue Ombre Hairstyles

Ombre is not an invention of the contemporary hipstress or of the manic pixie dream girl. However, versions of this delightful style have started cropping up in more daring colors of late. Blue ombre, with its indirect references to fantasy creatures like mermaids and fairies, is all the rage with the younger set these days. It’s nowhere near as difficult to pull off as it may seem: all you need is a good colorist/stylist and a shade of blue you actually like.

If any of these looks inspire you, feel free to try them out—but do find a good colorist beforehand. Most of them are too complex to attempt at home, especially if you’ve got long hair and/or are considering adding extensions. Remember that this popular look does require bleaching. Moreover, if you’ve had your hair dyed before, you will want to revert to your natural color before trying ombre. But even with all these issues, we are sure you’re going to love your blue ombre hair!