30 Fantastic French Braid Ponytails

A French braid ponytail may conjure up images of elementary school days, but the modern iterations are anything but juvenile. When you want to wear a fuss-free updo, but grow bored easily of simple styles, a braided option is an ideal look for you. Whether you are blonde or brunette with curly or straight hair, we have a hairdo in our gallery of 30 pictures below to motivate you and guide in spicing your style up.

#6: Creative Side Ponytail

The braid into ponytail trend can be interpreted in so many ways, but this is one is among our favorites. The smaller French braid at the crown creates a headband effect while the larger one gives some added visual interest. Keep braiding all the way down to create an elegant side braid.

6 two braids and side ponytail hairstyle