30 Trendy Bob Haircuts to Inspire Your Next Cut

If you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair short for a while, now is a better time than ever before. Chopping your locks might give you a slight anxiety attack but it’s the perfect way to completely reinvent yourself and your style.

Whether you have a round face, a heart-shaped one, a square one or any other for that mater, there is a cute, short look for you and hopefully these 51 trendy bob haircuts will inspire your next cut!

12. Black to Ice Blue Bob


Instagram / bescene

Everyone is dyeing their hair cool and crazy colors right now so why not look at thinking outside the box and heading away from the usual browns, blondes, and reds you’d normally opt for. Blue hair, for example, is very much on-trend right now and with different shades of blue, lilac and silver, you can recreate this beautiful short and curly look.

Don’t forget – if you have longer hair, the curls help to make it look shorter so you can easily recreate this exact length if you have shoulder-skimming hair or just below.