30 Trendy Bob Haircuts to Inspire Your Next Cut

If you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair short for a while, now is a better time than ever before. Chopping your locks might give you a slight anxiety attack but it’s the perfect way to completely reinvent yourself and your style.

Whether you have a round face, a heart-shaped one, a square one or any other for that mater, there is a cute, short look for you and hopefully these 51 trendy bob haircuts will inspire your next cut!

13. Layered Bob + Caramel Highlights

Instagram / salsalhair

If you have delicate and cute facial features, small hair is just perfect for you. This is a look that Victoria Beckham was seen sporting a few times in her short ‘pop’ days. (The posh-bob.)

The caramel colored highlights help to add depth here and is a great idea if you also have fine or thin hair.