40 Blonde, Red, Brown, Ombre-ed and Highlighted Pixie Cuts for Any Taste

A short and sassy pixie has become extremely popular in many hairstylists’ chairs. What was once an edgy haircut has become the standard for women seeking a streamlined and polished look. In order to add some punch to your new pixie cut, we recommend adding in a lovely or fun color. From rich dark dyes to punchy primary hues, we have 40 looks below that are sure to inspire.

#26: Red Pixie Cut With Brown Striped Mohawk

Square face shapes can benefit from short haircuts with textured top. With clipped sides and a design towards the nape, it is best to reserve any color for the central section to keep the look from seeming too gimmicky and cluttered.
26 red pixie cut with brown striped mohawk