40 Fresh Trendy Ideas for Copper Hair Color

The warm golden pink tints of the famous ductile metal (copper) inspire a whole range of red hair hues we refer to as coppers. This group includes a rich spectrum of shades from soft auburn through ginger and Satsuma to spicy tangerine. Even in their light versions these are always very special and eye-catching compared to more usual browns and blondes. Choosing the right copper tone can be a complicated matter, because if you select randomly, you risk ending up with a color that looks plain and “cheap”. Today there’s a rich variety of complicated and intelligent copper shades which are able to offer you exclusive modern looks. We’ve collected 40 fresh examples of the best currently popular copper hair hues. Have a look and embrace the ideas you like, welcome!

#30: Just Jessica Rabbit

Even though she was just a cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit is still one of the sexiest redheads around. With her side part and flowing waves, the classic layered style is undeniably attractive. Make it more modern with two-tone hair color solution – red and blonde hair dyes are good companions.

30 red layered hairstyle