40 Glamorous Ash Blonde and Silver Ombre Hairstyles

Silver and ash blonde ombre looks are relatively new additions to the styling scene. They make hair look gilded, sterling, nearly metallic. They have an otherworldly charm, reminiscent of fairy creatures from the legends of the Celts and the Norsemen. And yet stylists from all over the world have been somewhat taken aback by this rise of popularity. How did these muted colors, which make women dye their hair nearly gray, become such strong trends? We’ve got twenty amazing pictures below, which will help you to understand just how gorgeous ash and silver can look on one’s hair.

#36: Rapunzel Straight And Metallic

As always, the most stunning ombre looks are those that involve super long hair. This model also stands out because of how flawlessly straight her hair is. And it also shines twice: one, because it’s so healthy, and two, because of the metal-like sterling tint in which it has been dyed half-way down.

36 rapunzel straight and metallic