40 Hair Color Ideas that are Perfectly on Point

Women have hundreds of ways of how to stand out from the crowd. Original coloristic solutions are one of them. You might have chosen a haircut and hairstyle that flatters your face the most, and you prefer to stick to them from year to year. But with hair color you have much more freedom. Although you need to take into account your skin tone and the general degree of contrast between your hair, skin and eyes, you may select a wide range of hair hues that will be flattering to you personally. Besides, you can experiment with coloristic techniques, introducing highlights, lowlights, ombre or even hair chalking into your hairstyles to add more exclusiveness to your looks. We feel you need some color inspiration, don`t you? And we’ll gladly provide you with current hair color trends and ideas in this article.

Current Hair Color Trends

Platinum and icy blondes. Contemporary trendy blondes are cool and pale to cool down high summer temperatures. Note that revealing darker roots is okay this season, as well as professional brunette to platinum ombre and balayage. Dark natural blondes aren’t out of the fashion catwalks either.
Rich caramel and honey tones. How to do without them? They are still on, especially in numerous “delicious” ombre looks.
Deep solid brown, natural brunette. Rich monochromatic brown free of any highlights, ombre or any other “special effects” is currently in favor. So, if you are a brunette, feel free to go natural this season.
Rose gold. Redheads may indulge in fantastic hues of already familiar coppers and auburns as well as the new rose gold, which is divinely clear and enticing this season. With fair peachy skin you will look adorable in these tones. Embrace the idea, as long as you can afford it.
Ombre. Yes, ombre is still on-trend. This season to keep up with the current trends it’s recommended to go either for sombre (very soft and subtle color transitions) or ombre that starts higher on your locks, closer to the roots.

Best Season’s Hair Color Ideas

See the examples below.

#1: Color and Waves

1 ash brown hair