40 Refreshing Variations of Bangs for Round Faces

Round faces are cute, feminine and sweet. They are often blessed with very attractive dimples on the cheeks and have a rounded line of hair growth. If your face is round, the hairstyles which keep all the hair off your face don’t make you any prettier, since they reveal the fullness of your face. Whereas, bangs are able to correct it and make it appear oval.

Flattering Types of Bangs for Round Faces

When choosing the perfect kind of bangs for your round face, keep in mind that your goal is to make it visually longer. Long vertical and diagonal lines cope with this task fairly well, because they have an elongating power. That’s why you can see from the examples in the gallery that long side-swept bangs benefit round faces like no others.
Straight bangs are also quite flattering for round faces, however, it’s recommended to leave them no shorter than slightly below the eye-brows. Even if your hair is thick, avoid extremely thick bangs, especially in case you opt to wear them straight. When styling your bangs, don’t forget to make some volume on the crown. For fine hair, opt for thin bangs and layered front tresses.
Asymmetric long bangs narrowing towards the ends are very stylish and absolutely flattering for round faces. Such bangs can be styled with wax into distinct tresses with defined edges. Slightly curled ends of the bangs elongate a round face and make it narrower. Note also that with a round face you have to avoid centre parting.
Check out the ideas below.

#1: Light Jagged Bangs

1 shaggy red hairstyle with bangs