40 Ritzy Shaved Sides Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men

Looking cool, trendy, presentable, stylish and ritzy is as important for a contemporary man as it is for a modern woman. When a woman first meets a man, his hairstyle is the first thing she notices, well, after his shoes, of course:) Luckily, the importance of a flattering hairstyle in one’s look is well-understood and goes without saying. The other thing is choose a cut and style according to the current hair trends. Shaved sides hairstyles and haircuts for men are a very popular theme currently.

#26: Undercut Shaved Style

An undercut gives a whole new dimension to hairstyling. Keep the hair long on top and style it up with a mousse – try combing hair to one side or straight back to diversify this style.

26 undercut shaved style