40 Ritzy Shaved Sides Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men

Looking cool, trendy, presentable, stylish and ritzy is as important for a contemporary man as it is for a modern woman. When a woman first meets a man, his hairstyle is the first thing she notices, well, after his shoes, of course:) Luckily, the importance of a flattering hairstyle in one’s look is well-understood and goes without saying. The other thing is choose a cut and style according to the current hair trends. Shaved sides hairstyles and haircuts for men are a very popular theme currently.

#32: Shaved Style for Thinner Hair

If your hair is thinning, a shaved sides style can actually conceal this fact from the average observer. Leave your hair long up top to draw attention away from the struggling areas, and keep the sides closely clipped.

32 shaved style for thinner hair