40 Skin Fade Haircuts/ Bald Fade Haircuts

We all want to have hairstyles that are sure to beat the heat, be low-maintenance and stylish! Obviously, it’s a no brainer that the less hair you have on your head, the longer you will be able to last out in the hot sun, handling business and having fun! This article is going to give you ideas about skin fade/bald fade haircuts that you can rock this season!

#3: Professional Bald Fade Side Part

When looking for a more work-appropriate fade haircut, it is best to opt for a mid-bald fade because it is less aggressive and more polished. A fade that starts in the middle allows for a more seamless transition. You can style it as a sleek comb over with part to add a dapper retro twist to your look.
3 mens side part hairstyle with fade