40 Super-Simple Messy Ponytail Hairstyles

Pull all your hair back and up, tie it together with a hair band and walk out of the door, ready to take on a new day! That’s really all it takes to get a messy ponytail right. This, in turn, partly explains the immense popularity of this simple look—it’s so easy to achieve. The other component to its enduring fame is just how versatile it is.

#35: Teased Brunette Pony with Wrap

If you’ve got black or dark brown hair, this simple look will perfectly complement it. First, tease your hair at the roots to avoid a flat look. Part your long bangs to one side, and sweep all your locks back. Then, pull your mane into a low pony and fasten it with a hair band. Wrap one strand around the pony base to conceal the elastic.

35 teased brunette pony with wrap