40 Vivid Ideas for Black Ombre Hair

Black ombre is classy and striking. It may not flatter everyone though. Who is black ombre for then? If you have highly contrasting looks and natural dark hair color, you may try black fades into browns, reds or even blondes. Long hair is a plus for ombre, since this coloristic technique requires length to do a quality fade, especially if it’s as dramatic as most of black dip dyes. Check out the creative variations of dark ombre hair and get inspired for your next visit to the salon.

The Unlimited Possibilities of Black Ombre Hair

With natural blonde hair you can go only a few tones lighter in ombre. In this case you achieve a dramatic transition of colors, only if you go for a reverse ombre or darken your roots previously. With dark brown and black hair you can transition to any color of your preference, including unnatural pastel hues and bold, bright colors. Besides, your ombre for dark hair will last for months, and you won’t have to worry about the root growth, as you would with a solid hair color that’s different from your natural hair hue. Check the following ombre ideas for brunettes to choose the hues and patterns you like the most.

#1: Dark Ombre with Caramel Shades

1 brown ombre highlights for black hair