50 Elegant French Braid Hairstyles

French braid hairstyles are timeless classics and they’re picture perfect for so many occasions. From classy affairs in the evening and weddings to relaxed days around town, French braids, fishtails, and Dutch braids will accompany and complement your every outfit. All you need to do is to master a few braiding techniques and then get a bit creative.

#26: Dutch Braid to Fishtail/Mermaid Braid

This complex style, which is basically a Fishtail French braid, begins with a ‘Dutch’, that gradually blends into a fishtail braid. Start by creating a deep parting and sweeping all your hair to one side. Begin a Dutch braid right at the top of your head, off the parting, and work your way down, behind the ear, throughout the length of the hair. As soon as you reach the nape of your neck, take the three sections of hair that you’ve used for braiding up to this point, join them with the remaining locks and re-divide everything into two sections. Braid a common fishtail. At the end, secure the braid with an elastic and loosen up the top part with your fingers.
26 dutch braid to fishtail
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