50 Elegant French Braid Hairstyles

French braid hairstyles are timeless classics and they’re picture perfect for so many occasions. From classy affairs in the evening and weddings to relaxed days around town, French braids, fishtails, and Dutch braids will accompany and complement your every outfit. All you need to do is to master a few braiding techniques and then get a bit creative.

#33: 5-Minute Easy Braid Updo

This hairstyle is essentially a diagonal French braid, which uses all your hair and goes across your head, from the top and front, down to the back and bottom. Start on the right side, at the level of your fringe, and braid the hair back into a normal braid. Once you’ve reached the back of your head, start including strands from the sides, to create the classic French braid. Keep at it as you are making your way across and down, to the nape of the neck. Finish the braid at the end with an elastic, loosen it up a bit with your fingers, and then secure it at the top with some pins. Secure the ends with some pins, too – and you’re done. If your hair is dyed in a trendy ombre style, it’s going to look amazing!
33 5 minute easy braid updo
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