50 Elegant French Braid Hairstyles

French braid hairstyles are timeless classics and they’re picture perfect for so many occasions. From classy affairs in the evening and weddings to relaxed days around town, French braids, fishtails, and Dutch braids will accompany and complement your every outfit. All you need to do is to master a few braiding techniques and then get a bit creative.

#49: Dutch Braid/Inside-Out Braid Chignon

This hairstyle is based on Dutch braiding, which is actually French braiding, but inside out. What do we mean by that? Simply that, in the French braiding technique, you cross the strands of hair over one another. Dutch braiding suggests doing the crossover under the central strand. First of all, make sure you’ve got this method covered. Then, start Dutch braiding at the top and back of your head, at a downward diagonal angle. Braid all your hair, secure it with a hairband, then coil the braided tail into a delicate chignon. Fasten this behind your ear with some pins.
49 dutch braid chignon
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