50 Incredibly Cute Hairstyles for Every Occasion

We don’t know about you, but we are always on the hunt for cute and trendy hairstyles we can do in less than twenty minutes. As usual, we’ve searched Instagram and Pinterest for the cutest looks and compiled them here for you. Whether you’re doing your hair for a special occasion like wedding, or just need a quick hairstyle for a BBQ or pool party, we’ve got you covered.

Check our list of 50 best styles below and let us know which one you like the best.

44. Hair Bow Half Updo

44 tumblr_mbmnin9T7P1qaj6umo1_500

Source: tumblr.com
Is there a cuter way to style your hair than this? We don’t think so. Start by doing a classic half up, half down ponytail but don’t pull the hair all the way through an elastic, just create a loop. Split the loop into two sections.  Spread each section and secure with bobby pins. The last step is to create the middle part of your hair bow. Create an opening between those two little puffs, grab the remained hair of your half ponytail, and pull it through the bottom. Secure with bobby pins.