Braids for Short Hair: 20 Newest Ideas

If you have shorter hair, you can experiment with braids as details. Short headband braids, braided bangs and braids in half up hairstyles can have different textures and braided patterns.

You can alternate thicker and thinner braids, try asymmetrical styles, master new braiding techniques and try new trendy hair colors to take your short hairstyles to the new level. Here are some creative examples of braided styles for shorter hair.

#2: Faded Fishtail

two fishtail braids for short hair

The best part about a crown braid is that it highlights your face and pulls strands back similar to what a headband would do. In recent years, thanks partly to music festival styles, braided crowns have become very popular. Make yours stand out with a double variation in a messy fishtail pattern.