Senegalese Twists – 20 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Senegalese twists, otherwise known as rope twists, are a protective style that is not only utilitarian, but it also serves as a striking addition to any hair styling routine.

When hair needs a break or rest, especially from any harsh treatments/chemicals or heat damage, try twist styles for their versatility and elegance. Twists can be worn up or down, braided or knotted; for the office or kicking it, this style is a must-have in any lady’s hair gamut.

What kind of styles can you achieve once you’ve got the twists? There are many creative and inspiring styles, including updos, free-flowing twists and half up styles. Check out the ideas below.

#10: Mohawk Braid

Being initially a symbol of rebelliousness, Mohawk can now be considered a staple in the collection of African American female hairstyles. Shaved sides make the Mohawk even bolder and the twisted braid adds a whimsical element to the look. So, you get a style that’s both edgy and girly.
mohawk updo with Senegalese twists