30 Creative DIY Fabric Scraps Projects and Ideas

If you have a lot of Fabric Scraps left over from other projects, please don’t throw them away! You can use them to do some interesting and creative DIY projects! Whether you have small fabric scraps and trimmed edges or larger remnants, you want to use these scrap fabric projects to provide a little something for everyone.

If you like sewing, or if you are just beginning to learn sewing like me, this article is for you.

1. iPod Holder

1 iPod Holder

Make a simple iPod holder using scraps. Perfect to wear to the gym! (Tutorial via Design Fixation)

35 Fun and Easy Scrap Fabric Projects

If you’re looking for Scrap Fabric Projects, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered up 35 Fun and Easy Scrap Fabric Projects
that you can use those scraps of fabric very well.

From Fabric Scrap Key Rings to Fabric Scrap Bookmarks or Fabric Flower, we’ve got a lot of useful Scrap Fabric Projects in here for everyone.

1. Fabric covered flip flops

27 Fun and Easy Scrap Fabric Projects
Fabric covered flip flops via Morena’s Corner

25 Great DIY Ideas & Tutorials to Upcycle Your Leftover Fabric Scraps

If you work with fabric regularly, you have been faced with the question of what to do with leftover fabric scraps. It can be overwhelming to keep scraps organized by color, materials, or texture. However, there are so many DIY reasons to hold on to them just a little bit longer.

These DIY ideas and tutorials will let you take those random, leftover fabric scraps and turn them into something useful and beautiful. With so many choices, you can use them for interior decorating, wearable art, or even gifts for teachers.

Never again will you have to waste scraps of beautiful fabric because you did not know what to do with them. Never again will you wonder if the neighbors think you are a hoarder because of the boxes of fabric scraps you are saving. Pick one of these DIY ideas and settle in for some fun upcycling.

Braided Fabric Scrap Sign

1 Great DIY Ideas  and  Tutorials to Upcycle Your Leftover Fabric Scraps

via averageinspired