41 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts To Make

As you prepare to welcome family and friends for Thanksgiving, you will need work on your home’s appearance so that it can go with the mood and season. Decorating for Thanksgiving does not always have to be complicated or take as much time as what you do for Christmas. However, you still need to come up with something that will stand out and impress your guests.

Some simple decorations using fall leaves or sprucing up your mantel with pieces that you already have at home is enough in most cases. But, whatever you decide to do for the Thanksgiving holidays, there are fun and easy DIY projects here that would help you for your own Thanksgiving decoration.

Flower Pots Recycled From Pumpkin Candy Holder

28 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts To Make

Pumpkin candy holders will cost less than a dollar in most stores, but you can transform them into some beautiful flower pots. A simple coat of your favorite spray paint and drilling some holes at the bottom before planting some flowers is all you need for this project. via gorgfabgoodies